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July 27, 1:45 pm, Bangkok, Thailand

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So we’ve sort of been neglecting posting. Here is a little recap of the weekend with an interruption because Saturday night deserves its own post.

We got up on Friday and loafed around a bit at Adit’s house. Sumo, his little dog that formerly wanted to kill us, eventually warmed up to us. We watched Asian pop videos because it was too hot outside. At this point, Angela and I didn’t necessarily feel like we had to do much anymore. Our quota for technicolor adventuring had been reached. Sitting around watching creepy bubblegum K-pop music videos was okay as a case study for Asian insanity. So many “whys”:

When it finally cooled, we did make it out to this night market by the big pagoda in town. They went the previous night, but I had knocked out around 9 p.m. It was good enough for them to want to go the next day. And it really was. We gorged ourselves on seafood: crab, prawns, snails, scallops, mackerel… It only cost us about $35 total. I think I ate the most this time and declared myself the winner.

When we first arrived

When we first arrived

The seafood cart that we ate at. I think this says Delicious.

The seafood cart that we ate at. I think this says 'Delicious'.

Snails were first

Snails were first

Our food being cooked on the grill

Our food being cooked on the grill



The sky that night was crazy

The sky that night was crazy

We hopped on a bus and heading back into Bangkok around 9:30 p.m. Angela had to pee for the last half hour and was visibily freaking out about it. When we finally got into town, it was drizzling, so we headed back and ended up just passing out.

I don’t know what it was, but we woke up late. Around 2:30 or so. Which was a good thing because the night ended up lasting longer than expected. After finally getting out of the apartment, we headed to Siam Plaza. Got some food at this one Japanese place called Rice. It was good, as pretty much everything out here is. Angela slid a magazine across our table and knocked over Jenna’s iced green tea everywhere. Remarkably, we still don’t hate each other.

Angela goes wandering around looking for shoes for that night while Jenna takes me to go get my hair cut. The area we were in is supposedly the center of all Bangkok trends and there was definitely a lot of flashy teenagers meandering about. It was also the first time that I saw one of those boutiques where you can have little fish clean your feet or whatever. I remember hearing about that in Korea or Japan a few years back, but Jenna told me that it was a new thing out here, which only reaffirmed my position that Bangkok is serendipitously behind the rest of the Asian world. I’ve never had more time spent on my hair than that cut. Jenna said the receptionist did a double take with me because she probably thought I was Chinawut with my sunglasses on. Now, whenever I say that name, Angela punches Jenna. I say it often.

We all met up after we did a little shopping and Corlid soon joined us. We sat around in CentralWorld again, with Angela shoe shopping and the rest of us enjoying the air conditioning. A little more shopping, some food at McDonald’s in preparation of the evening’s partying and we hopped in a cab to change at Jenna’s place. Which was absolutely horrible. Angela burped from her watermelon smoothie (which she gets everywhere) and Corlid and Jenna were giggling about the driver’s surprised reaction. They then laughed more and commented on his response, which was to drive faster in disgust. This only exacerbated the problem and he started driving like a man with a death wish. Bangkok cabs inexplicably don’t have seatbelts in the backseat, where there was 4 of us crowded inside, so I closed my eyes because you’re more likely to survive an accident if you don’t expect the collision. This is a thought that went through my head. We made it back okay.

So we got changed since we had plans to check out BKK nightlife, which we tried doing on Monday but was sort of a bust. I was a bit apprehensive because none of us, Angela and myself included, are the clubbing type. On a recommendation, we went to this nightclub called Route66. It turned into my favorite night of the trip and I’ll say that I’ll definitely return one of these days. For my money, Route66 is the best Bangkok nightclub out there. More on this later.

We woke up. They went to the Internet cafe for a bit. I loafed in the room to stay away from the sun and edited photos. We finally left in the late afternoon for food. Afterwards, to the Suan Lum Night Market that we previously went to. Angela and I got massages and we plan on heading back on Wednesday. A slow day, but I needed it to recover.

This is not our photo. That is why it sucks. Well get a better one on Wednesday.

This is not our photo. That is why it sucks. We'll get a better one on Wednesday.

Basically, it was an awesome weekend. So great that I’m seriously considering the flight change penalty as a necessary evil and staying longer. We’ll see.


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July 27, 2009 at 3:14 pm

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