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"Oh, hello. I didn't see you there."

July 27, 5:38 p.m., Bangkok, Thailand.

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Route66 the best nightclub in Bangkok Thailand route 66

Route66, home of my favorite memories in Bangkok

I said it in the recap, but I think that Route66 is the best nightclub in Bangkok. Granted, my sample is relatively small, as I really haven’t tried every one out here. And there are other clubs that people have talked about, namely the “superclubs” that are throughout the city. But everything I know about those seems to tell me that they’re like the better Hollywood clubs out there.

I’m from L.A. If they’re anything like a Hollywood club, I don’t want any part of it.

Instead, my night at Route66 was the best of our entire vacation. I’d like to remind our audience that I held a fricken’ baby tiger a week earlier. (Lots of photos, so more are here.)

Most of the crew that came to Route66. Drunk and headed for food.

Most of the crew that came to Route66. Drunk and headed for food.

@Route66 Nightclub

@Route66 Nightclub

If you haven’t noticed, Angela and I have taken the journalistic mission of this trip to heart, as it was used as the mitigating factor in pushing us into seeing that Pattaya ping pong show. So when we finally arrived to the Route66 Nightclub, the spot that was recommended by a friend back home, it was for more than your customary raging. Angela brought the SLR and we decided to go to work.

After asking a few people at the door about who we could talk to for a tour, we met Golf, the club’s PR guy who immediately hooked us up with a few Singhas. “Welcome beers,” he called them. We toured the whole place and it was definitely impressive. There’s four areas, split into North, East, South, West. Each plays a different type of music, with the hip hop and live music drawing the larger crowds. One of the first spots that Golf took us was the women’s restroom. I was first confused, but I get why. It was ridiculous. The thing was decorated like a penthouse apartment and there was a live band playing just inside. Angela was gushing over the sax player below. It also was big enough to avoid the obligatory Hollywood line outside.

found her in the pop area.

found her in the pop area.

The womens restroom. For some reason, a lot of our photos are in there.

The women's restroom. For some reason, a lot of our photos are in there.

All of our group shots somehow turned out like this

All of our group shots somehow turned out like this.

Angelas Cobrasnake impression

DJ Ono

Angelas Cobrasnake impression

Angela's Cobrasnake impression

he had such a sweet face, reminded me of john.

he had such a sweet face, reminded me of john.

After all of this, Golf was nice enough to hook us up with a table and a bottle of vodka, which was especially nice because we had about a dozen people. I’ve had bottle service and a table at a club before. It takes more than that to impress me. And what really did it was how accessible everybody was. I thought that the DJ’s hypeman might have been from L.A., noted this to Golf in passing, and he brought us up there to meet the DJ and shoot some photos. After, Angela decided to do her best Cobrasnake impression and just snap people throughout the club and disappeared while we all danced.

Adit before he went brain dead

Adit before he went brain dead

The ratio was better than good, which was surprising because they weren’t unnecessarily holding people at the door. The drinks were cheap (I think a bottle and mixer cost me about $35). The hip hop set by DJ Ono, who also plays at the “superclubs” that I checked out, was solid with the only hiccup being 20 seconds of the new Linkin Park track (saw some dude try to sing their new song on Academy Fantasia…I don’t understand the infatuation with either). We danced all night and it’s really just kind of a blur of awesomeness.

Most importantly though was that we just showed up and were treated like fricken’ royalty. I feel confident that I could recommend the spot to another friend and they’d have just as good of a time as I did. Just ask around a bit and they’ll be more than gracious to make you feel welcome. We did and got hooked up. Anytime Golf saw me, he’d introduce me to someone else. It was like we had a personal host. That kind of attention goes a long way for me. And we didn’t have to pay for it like it was Hollywood.

Golf is in the middle. Thats me glowing at 3 a.m.

Golf is in the middle. That's me glowing at 3 a.m.

The gang

The gang

Afterwards, the eight of us drunkenly piled into a little Honda (Kanu and Adit went home because the latter had so much “fun” that he got sick) and headed out for some food. We had to pass through a sobriety checkpoint, which didn’t seem to worry anyone at all despite the fact that the thing looked like a clown car. Our driver Thay was sober though, so they just waved us through. Maybe I had too much to drink, but it looked like the cop’s flashlight actually had a Singha logo on it too. If anyone can confirm that for me, I’d appreciate it, as that seemed like the most ridiculous thing to me.

For the eight of us to stuff ourselves at 3:30 a.m., it cost us 940 baht. That’s $27. It was also the first time I ate fried pork intestine and a squid stew after a night of partying. We took a cab ride back, watched the beginning of Penelope (why?) and passed out.

Doing work on fried pork intestines and squid

Doing work on fried pork intestines and squid

Also, there are little details to the night’s partying that pushed it over the top that I am leaving out. It is these things that made it the best night that I’ve ever had at a nightclub and my favorite of the vacation. If you’d like to know, just ask me. If you go, I bet they’ll happen to you too. But I’m not putting them up and ruining any chances of a political career. You know, just in case.


Written by Shawn

July 27, 2009 at 6:52 pm

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