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December 24, 2:16 a.m., Los Angeles, CA.

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we might hit more traffic than our previous ping pong show post with this one b/c this one has videos. this is in pattaya, where we saw a ping pong show. to avoid rape or thai jails, i didn’t record anything inside the actual ping pong show. sorry, PERVS. but here are a few videos of what it’s like on the famous strip of pattaya. instead of a red light district, thailand has a famous pink light district. and there you can find open bars with ladies and ladyboys vying for your attention (and money). 


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December 24, 2009 at 5:33 pm

July 18, 1:31 a.m. Pattaya, Thailand.

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alright, there really are no words to fully express what i experienced, but here’s a feeble attempt at it. so. an hour ride back to the mainland and an hour ride to pattaya. we entertained the idea of seeing a ping pong show (google it). and while the idea and novelty of  it was amusing and funny, the actual act of seeking out a show to watch women shoot ping pong balls out of their vaginas is entirely different. i was really nervous and we almost didn’t do it, but i mean, when and where else will we ever be able to see something like that. shawn and i justified it by telling ourselves that it would be for the blog. for true purposes of SATA, we felt it was necessary to see it. we didn’t want to see it. we needed to see it.

in pattaya, there’s a large strip of bright neon lights and scantily dressed women, much like vegas.  i’m literally sick to my stomch by all the white male/thai female “couples” walking the street and the fake affection shared between them (i’m currently typing this at an internet cafe where i am charged by the minute, so i will elaborate on this later). in thailand, instead of a red light district, they have a pink light district. by the way, i am thoroughly disgusted by the number of children i saw here. why. why. why. why.

among all the things being sold, there are men who have pieces of paper with diagrams of sexual poses and you can pick out which one you want. serious. anyway. the ping pong show. it seemed “modest” at first. there was about six women dancing on a white stage with random disco laser lights flitting about. we were seated against the wall on some white leather seats and ordered a few beers. after the room filled up a bit, the show began. first we saw an older woman shove a marker into her vagina and write , “Welcome to Illusions”, the name of the seedy “bar”. then, we saw a girl, dressed as a hawaiian hulu dancer, pull out a long string of fake hawaiian flowers out of her vag… and ever so fittingly, to a jason mraz song. great. then another girl lit two cigarettes in her hoohaa and proceeded to blow smoke from them. next, the same older woman returned to present the show’s namesake: shooting ping pong balls out of her vagina and into a cup. then another girl came up, leaning against a column on her back, shoved a peeled banana into her vagina, shot it out, caught it and did it several more times. although this in itself was bad. the real disgusting part of it all was how easily she was able to stick it in there. that. and the noise that it made as the banana shot out. it literally sounded like smacking. during this, another girl went around handing out balloons to viewers (which i declined) in preparation for the next act. another girl took the stage. she shoved a dart into a metal rod which then went into her vagina. then proceeded to shoot every balloon that was handed out. up to this point i was really sad/disgusted about the whole situation but after this. i was kind of impressed. please note that two of the acts were performed to two michael jackson songs. then the cranberries’ “zombie” started to play. and a girl went on stage and proceeded to push/pull out a string of RAZORBLADES out of her vagina. and i’m not talking about just a single razor blade. i’m talking about a good 30-40. it was… for a lack of a better word, mind-blowing. there were also acts where the two younger women played a horn and a whistle in succession and the final one where the older one smashed a ping pong ball by violently humping the ground and popping it inside the confines of her experienced crevice. she also hurt, of all places, her left foot during the episode, ending the whole endeavor by literally punching the injured appendage over and over as if to remedy the injury and then limping off stage.

i didn’t want to get killed or sold as a $2 ping pong spitting whore. so i didn’t take photos. instead i discreetly recorded some videos of women/ladyboys out on the street. i’ll upload that when we get back on Sunday. i’ll probably edit this post to make it a bit less nonsensical (if that’s possible) later.

oh yeah. on a more pleasant note i had my first mos burger today and it was delicious.

Written by angerrrah

July 18, 2009 at 2:02 am